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2022-12-23 20:42:23 By : Ms. Kathy Lau

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 range has been around a while now, so you’d be forgiven for thinking Samsung’s 2018 phones are dreadfully outdated. But you’d be wrong, because the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are still formidable smartphones. The design may be three years old, but the slim bezels and soft curves are still utterly stunning. The high-end specs are as powerful as the phone is beautiful, and the display is to die for. Samsung has fixed the few elements that went wrong with the Galaxy S8 — including the awkward position of the fingerprint scanner — but it has also improved the basics, upgrading the internal hardware and tossing in a more powerful camera with a world-first variable aperture in a smartphone. Iphone 12 Pro Max Glass

The Best Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus Screen Protectors | Digital Trends

But there’s little doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will come off badly if they take a tumble onto the sidewalk. That’s why we’ve found you the tools to make sure your new Galaxy smartphone can survive its time as your best pocket friend and reduce the stomach flutters you feel turning over a fallen phone. We’ve gathered some of the best Galaxy S9 cases and Galaxy S9 Plus cases to keep your phone safe, but what about your display? The display is the most important part of a phone, and if it breaks, your phone needs sudden (and costly) repairs. We’ve found the best Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus screen protectors to make sure your huge AMOLED screen stays free of cracks and scratches.

This film-based screen protector from JETech comes with the novelty of self-healing technology, meaning that any minor scratches or scuffs it picks up will be cleared over time. This helps it to continue looking pristine for as long as you use it, as does the yellow-resistant TPU material with which it has been made. While it won’t be quite as hard as a glass-based protector, its close-fitting design and full-screen coverage make it more durable than its thinness would suggest. Almost needless to say, it provides a highly transparent user experience and preserves the full responsiveness of the S9’s screen. It’s also sold in a pack of two, because we all make mistakes.

This triple pack of film screen protectors from LK is compatible with most cases. The Flexible TPU film is easy to apply and remove, with an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprints and self-repairing technology that heals small scuffs and scratches within 24 hours. It provides full, scratch-resistant coverage for your screen and won’t interfere with touch sensitivity — and you get three film protectors for under $10, so you can keep spares handy or share the pack with friends and family.

There’s no denying tempered glass screen protectors offer the ultimate protection for your phone screen, like this one from amFilm. Constructed from 9H tempered glass, it’s scratch and impact-resistant, with an oleophobic coating to repel fingerprints. This ultra-thin screen protector is a breeze to install thanks to its included installation tray, and it comes with wipes, a microfiber cleaning cloth, dust removal stickers, and full installation instructions to ensure you get the perfect fit. It’s pretty affordable, too.

This could be the last screen protector you’ll ever buy, as it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. It’s a highly durable film protector that conforms to the curves of the S9’s screen, offering tough protection against scratches and smudges, with self-healing technology. Unlike some other film protectors, it won’t yellow over time either. It’s super thin, yet simple to install thanks to the included squeegee, cloth, and full instructions — and it’s yours for under $10.

Film protectors may not have the pure hardness of glass, but they’re an awful lot better than a bare screen — and Tech21’s Impact Shield is one of the best film protectors you can buy. It’s made from three layers of scratch-resistant protection that mold around your screen to protect from every angle. It has an anti-scratch finish, it’s extremely thin, and it even comes with a “precise alignment applicator,” which ensures an accurate installation. If you want stronger protection to ward against drops, you may want to go for tempered glass instead. But if you prefer film, this is an excellent choice. Right now, it’s only available for the S9 Plus, but you can pick it up for $10.

Glass is crystal-clear, durable, and feels great, but it’s liable to shatter when dropped. If you’re looking for all the advantages of glass without the shattering, BodyGuardz’s PRTX protector is the way to go. It’s made from a synthetic glass that feels just like the real thing, but without the chance of chipping, shattering, or popping off the screen. It’s just as hard as regular toughened glass, and has a full coverage of adhesive to ensure no loss of touch sensitivity. What’s the downside? Well, take a look at that price. It’s far from being the cheapest option on this list — but if you want tough, flexible protection there are few better.

If you enjoy spending your time in nature (you strange person), you may have noticed strong sunlight can create a glare on your display, which makes it harder to see. Thankfully, ArmorSuit’s matte screen protector can cut that glare right out, making it much easier to see your screen while enjoying the great outdoors. It’s made from a flexible film, which won’t be as strong as tempered glass — but it’ll still hold up well against scratches and minor dings. Self-healing technology means minor scratches should heal up over time, stopping your protector from looking old — and best of all, it’s not too expensive.

Attaching a screen protector isn’t hard, but it can be fiddly. If you’ve applied one before, you’ll know how easy it is to misalign and have to start over. That’s where Ringke’s Dual Easy comes in. The Dual Easy film screen protector comes with a multilayer installation that removes dust and debris as part of the application process, so you can be sure your screen protector won’t have any distracting motes of dust stuck between the screen and protector. Outside of that, it’s a fairly regular film screen protector. It’ll prove resistant to scratches, dirt, and fingerprints, and will work well with protective cases. On the minus side, it won’t prove hugely resistant to major bumps — but it’s super slim, won’t affect your screen sensitivity, and comes in a twin pack. This screen protector is currently only available for the Galaxy S9.

It’s a film protector, but don’t take that to mean Rhinoshield’s Impact Flex is short on strength. The Impact Flex’s film has been reinforced with a specially designed impact-absorbing layer to reduce the impact of shocks and bumps on your screen — and it’s so effective that Rhinoshield claims it can absorb up to four times as much impact energy as Gorilla Glass 3. Despite all that protection, it’s still only as thick as a piece of printer paper, and has an oleophobic layer that resists fingerprints, dirt, and smears. However, all of those features mean it’s not cheap, and the high price reflects that.

Smartphone screens are bright and beautiful, but they’re also reflective. Add strong sunlight or lighting to that, and you might find it hard to see your screen for reflected glare. No matter; Skinomi’s here to help. The TechSkin screen protector has been treated with a special matte coating that cuts out glare by making it harder for light to reflect, and making it easier to see your screen while you’re out-and-about. As it’s made from a thin and flexible film, it won’t be as protective as tempered glass, but it’ll still protect against scratches, dirt, and fingerprints. Best of all, it comes with a spare, making it a great value.

Spigen’s film screen protector bends around the curved screen of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus to provide thorough coverage and applies wet to the screen, minimizing the chance of trapped bubbles or a rainbow effect. It’s fully case-compatible, so if you’re combining this with one of Spigen’s cases, then you don’t need to worry about the edges lifting off, and the self-healing properties will allow it to heal from any minor impacts.

It’s not glass, so it’s not the hardest of protection, but it will resist scratches and make sure dirt stays away from your screen. Even better — it’s a twin pack, so you can easily replace the first if it gets mucky.

We’re happy to report that Otterbox brings the same degree of quality to its range of screen protectors as it does to its well-known cases. The Alpha Glass protector is made from tough tempered polyester glass, which boasts a high level of scratch resistance, and should protect against the sort of damage a film protector wouldn’t. It has a special anti-shatter material built-in as well, so if the worst does happen, the Alpha Glass will hold together and won’t break away into small, finger-shredding shards. It’s not the cheapest protector around, but the protection it offers is good, especially when paired with an Otterbox case.

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